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Ingenium began as a class project at the University of Illinois and has since grown into a company dedicated to providing wheelchair racers with the equipment they need.

We are committed to helping wheelchair athletes chase their dreams. From beginners, to seasoned professionals, Ingenium is here to help you accomplish anything.

Arielle fell in love with wheelchair racing and marathons in the fall of 2012. She has since dreamed of ways to increase access and participation in the sport. Wheelchair racing has dramatically changed Arielle’s life, and she wants people with disabilities from all backgrounds to have the opportunity she did to get involved with adaptive sport. Arielle started printing wheelchair racing gloves after her coach, Adam Bleakney, suggested she try and replicate an original pair for a class project. She was shocked when the glove she produced turned out to be much more than a prototype. It was a durable working model!


Over the past year and a half, she has perfected the design and 3D printing process. Her goal is to provide a cheaper racing glove alternative to grass-root athletes across the nation.


Joey began attending the University of Illinois in the fall of 2017, where he saw an opportunity to join the business at Ingenium Manufacturing. Joey began by helping with the printing and making of the gloves. Within the last year, he has taken a bigger role, where he prints, makes, packs, and ships the gloves. He will also answers any questions our customers might have!

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Gyu Dae Kim, a member of the University of Illinois Wheelchair Racing Team and South Korea’s Paralympic National Team is a four time Paralympic medalist who contributed greatly to the design of the RS Grooved Glove. We greatly appreciate the work he and his Korean coaches did to refine the groove’s geometry and create a fantastic pushing surface.

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